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Super-smart tech that can help reduce school heating bills

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Energy Efficient Boilers, News

Accounting for well over half of an average school’s annual utility bill, you need all the help you can get to reduce school heating bills and stretch your budget!

Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the amazing tech that can slash your energy costs, and help teach your kids the importance of energy efficiency in fighting climate change.

Reduce school heating bills with these energy-saving devices

Here are three of our favourite tech solutions that could help you reduce school heating bills:

1) Boiler optimiser

This nifty little gadget can bolt on to your existing boiler to prevent it firing unnecessarily when:

  • Your rooms are already sufficiently toasty
  • Everyone’s gone home for the day

First, you tell the boiler optimiser when the building needs heating and which rooms need heating to what temperature.

Then, the boiler optimiser will automatically start checking the temperature in your flow (outward) and return (inward) pipes every 10 seconds or so. When it senses it’s at the right temperature, it just stops firing. When the temperature dips again, it will swing back into action.

Boiler optimisers save schools an average of 15% on their heating bill. The unit will pay for itself in around 2.5 years, and prevent about 50 tonnes of carbon entering the atmosphere each year (for a typical primary school).

2) Digital room thermostats with valve motors for radiators

This match made in heaven performs a similar role to boiler optimisers, in that they monitor the temperature in real time and switch the heating on/off as needed.

A digital thermostat is put in every room with a radiator. Then, a valve motor is fitted to Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). When the thermostat detects the room has reached the right temperature, it sends a message to the motor, which will manually shut the valve off.

Not only will this save you a packet, but it will also make the whole environment much more comfortable.

You can also use these devices to switch radiators off automatically at the end of the day.

Here’s a quick intro to optimum school temperatures as recommended by The Department for Education:

  • Normal teaching environment: 18°C
  • Circulation spaces (e.g. corridors): 15°C
  • Areas with high levels of activity (e.g. sports halls): 15°C
  • Areas with low levels of activity: 21°C
  • Special needs schools or areas with very young children: 21°C

3) Automated meter reading (AMR) devices

AMRs reduce school heating bills by opening up a live communication channel between your site and your energy supplier.

These have a similar effect to the smart meters we have at home. So, in most cases, that means no more manual meter readings, estimated bills or nasty surprises!

With an AMR device, you should get more accurate bills, and have increased scope to analyse your data use and find ways to make savings. Energy suppliers typically make this data available on a regular (daily, weekly or monthly) basis.

Stay warm this winter without worrying about your school’s utilities costs by getting set up with some of these energy-efficient tech solutions.

Speak to the friendly Utility Rentals team today about how to reduce your school heating bills!

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