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Utility Rentals becomes first Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier in leasing sector!

by | Nov 13, 2018 | LED Lighting, News

We’ve got some exciting news: Utility Rentals has just been officially named as the first Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier in the UK leasing sector!

As a company, we strongly believe that schools have an incredibly important role to play in protecting the environment – both by directly reducing emissions and by teaching the next generation to protect our planet.

That’s why we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to make sure all our school equipment and company processes are as green as they can be. Let’s take a closer look, starting with why it’s so important to care for the environment.

Why schools must be eco-savvy

There are all sorts of reasons why a little eco-friendliness goes a long way in the education sector:

1) Lead by example

By putting the environment first, you send out an important message to students.

Eco-tech is just starting to enter our homes, but going green is a much more realistic proposition for schools. So, chances are, the steps you take will be your kids’ first experience of spending time in an eco-friendly space.

You’ll also boost your school’s reputation within the community, and the wider education sector.

2) Teach them why and how to change

Kids are always brimming with questions.

So, take this opportunity to teach them valuable lessons about the science of climate change, and what impact it could have on people around the world.

You can also introduce your students – and staff – to the everyday changes and types of technology that can make a real difference.

3) Save on utility bills

You don’t need us to tell you that school budgets matter and are becoming ever more stretched.

Utility bills tend to be one of the biggest expenses for schools each year. But, with some seriously smart, cost-effective tech and a little clever thinking, you can slice off a massive portion from your bills and spend the cash elsewhere.

In fact, Carbon Trust reckons UK schools could reduce their energy costs by around £44m each year in total, preventing 625,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

What goes into gaining Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier status?

In Kermit the Frog’s famous words, “It ain’t easy being green” – especially in a world that’s still guzzling fossil fuels.

But, gaining this status has been a voyage of discovery. And, we know we can use what we’ve learned to make eco-friendliness much easier for schools.

Here are some of things Carbon Trust tested us on before making us the first Accredited Supplier in the leasing sector:

  • They turned the magnifying glass on our in-house technology capabilities
  • They asked us all about our energy-saving expertise and customer service approach
  • They interviewed us about our technology, expertise, and commercial/quality assurance standards
  • They checked our company credit to make sure we’re a stable provider

Carbon Trust also examined three of our case studies from schools, which gave us a platform to describe some of the amazing, energy-saving projects we’ve delivered.

This includes auditing of old equipment, planning of new systems, and steps taken to meet project budgets and deadlines. All while delivering tangible cost savings for our clients.

Want to learn more? You can find our company profile listed in the Carbon Trust Green Business Directory.

Our green technology

We try to make sure that all our tech is as kind to the environment as it can be. But, some of our devices really are top of the class!

Our LED lighting packages and school hand dryers are already pretty hard to beat when it comes to reducing emissions. We’ll be focusing on providing schools with even greener versions of this equipment over the coming months.

You could also save a bundle on your energy bills with the likes of our boiler optimisers, or energy-efficient catering and laundry equipment.

We’re very proud of our new Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier status! And, we’re ready to help you transform your school.

Ramp up your school’s eco-credentials by calling on the friendly folks at Utility Rentals today!

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