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It’s no secret that heating a school building, whether big or small can be costly! Of course there are plenty of energy efficient boilers out there, but changing a whole heating system can be costly and extremely disruptive. Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase the efficiency of your existing school boiler with minimal disruption and without affecting the temperature of the school building? Well here’s the good news…with our Boiler Optimiser we can do just that!

Our Boiler Optimiser provides a practical and cost effective way for schools to cut their heating and hot water energy costs without needing to upgrade their existing equipment. The result? Immediate savings of in excess of 15% of used, with no loss of comfort in your school. In fact, in some cases the savings reported are closer to 30%!

And best of all, with our unique rental package there is no upfront capital required to acquire the Boiler Optimiser. The savings generated more than cover the rental cost, with excess savings being generated that can be put towards other users in the school. So you save money on your school energy costs, increase the efficiency of your school boiler, generate extra cash for the school, and lower your school’s carbon footprint at the same time – sounds too goo to be true right? It really isn’t and we have installed Boiler Optimisers in plenty of schools already and they are currently reaping the rewards of the savings we have generated for them!

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Our Boiler Optimiser has already been chosen by thousands of schools, universities, councils, and The Ministry of Defence and has never failed to save at least 10% of fuel on any site...


      • Expert guidance on choosing the Boiler Optimiser which is right for your school
      • Savings of 15% on average
      • Savings generated will cover rental costs
      • Quick to fit without disruption
      • Proof of savings report to validate
      • 30 day money back guarantee*
      • Over 7000 units supported throughout the UK
      • The friendliest team of experts in the industry, on hand to support you throughout the rental

* After 30 days we will download a savings report from the Boiler Optimiser. If it does not show at least 10% savings, we will remove the Boiler Optimiser and no charges will apply.


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Savings of 15% on average

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Beaverwood School for Girls

What the school says about us…

“Utility Rentals successfully arranged for 20 cookers to be delivered and installed in our recent Food Technology refurbishment project.

The project had to be completed within a very short time span and Utility Rentals carefully planned their installation to dovetail with the building contractor’s programme. I am very grateful for their professionalism and support that helped make the project such a success.”

– Facilities Manager

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