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Fun and festive lesson plans for Christmas

by | Dec 19, 2018 | iPads, News

Help your students get that festive feeling with these extra-special lesson plans for Christmas.

You’ve worked hard all term and made it through the first of winter’s dark and chilly days. Now, it’s time to celebrate with a few more light-hearted (but, equally useful) lessons.

Our favourite lesson plans for Christmas

Unwrap our gift to you – a festive feast of awesome lesson plans for Christmas that’ll get your students into the spirit of things.

1) Festive 3D design and manufacturing

Help students create a Christmas ornament they’ll always treasure by tasking them with designing and 3D printing their own bauble for the tree.

Give them a maximum set of dimensions to work within and a few suggestions to get them started. Then, let their imaginations run wild.

By using design software like Sculptris (suitable for ages 11+) together with a suitable 3D printer, you can teach them all about the design and manufacturing processes that will shape tomorrow.

2) North Pole geography project

Depending on their age group, their belief in Santa might be wearing off. But, the North Pole still makes for an awesome festive geography project theme.

Using their school iPads or a computer, task them with researching the specifics of this mystical place, like:

  • Precise co-ordinates of the North Pole
  • Distance from the North Pole to Magnetic North
  • Average temperature
  • Average precipitation
  • Land ownership and the Law of the Sea Treaty
  • Native flora and fauna

There’s so much to discover about this place – see what your students come up with!

3) Shape up for Christmas

Many of us transform our homes more at Christmas than at any other time of the year, bringing in a host of new items with interesting shapes and dimensions.

So, why not task your students with doing a little mathematical and spatial analysis? You could ask them to:

  • Find the correct terminology to describe objects of different shapes (e.g. tree = isosceles triangle/Rudolph’s nose = sphere)
  • Calculate the dimensions or volume of Christmas-related items (e.g. Christmas pudding bowl/imaginary Santa’s sack)
  • Create deconstructed shapes that can be folded into 3D objects (e.g. cube/cuboid presents)

All of these options can teach your students valuable lessons they’ll take forward into the spring and summer terms.

4) Warming winter textiles

With Jack Frost nipping at your nose, what better excuse to teach your students the basics of how to make a scarf, hat, or other simple items of clothing?

Knitting might be a little advanced. But, students can easily use your school sewing machines to join pieces of cosy material together.

Depending on their level, you might want to give them a template to work to (adding a dash of originality through colours or patterns). Or, you can let them come up with the designs themselves.

We hope you enjoyed our bumper list of lesson plans for Christmas! Use them to sprinkle some seasonal magic over your classroom.

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