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Plastic perfection: Top 5 3D printers for schools

by | Oct 17, 2018 | 3D Printers, News

3D printing opens up exciting opportunities for the classroom, brings lessons to life and helps students realise their design ambitions.

When deciding which 3D printer to choose, you’ll need to consider ease of use, safety, time to print and impact on the classroom environment.

Choosing the best 3D printers for schools

Here are our top five choices that will keep you happy and your students inspired:

1) MakerBot Replicator 2

With the MakerBot Replicator 2 you get fast, intuitive and easy-to-use printing. A large build volume of 285 x 153 x 155mm offers a reliably smart finish every time.

The LCD screen with on-board controls gives you full control, and the Makerbot Makeware software lets you optimise your 3D printing processes easily. With a print resolution of up to 100 microns, you’ll get great quality at higher volumes.

2) CEL Robox

The CEL Robox’s dual nozzle technology with up to 20 micron resolution prints high-quality items quickly. A finer nozzle prints outer details while a larger nozzle prints the inside.

This machine’s impressive in-built safety features make it ideal for the school environment and will allow students full, safe access to prints. An enclosed and lockable build chamber gives better control of the printing environment, making models more accurate.

No calibration is needed. This lets you get ready for lessons faster, giving you the confidence to press print and be certain of great results.

3) CoLiDo 2.0+

With a print resolution up to 100 microns, the CoLiDo 2.0+ produces fine, smooth and accurate 3D objects.

A glass platform allows for easy removal of printed objects once they have cooled down. The machine’s glass casing is not only stylish, but also allows students to see printing in progress from any angle.

With a compact form, low noise levels and no irritating smells or fumes, it’s a great choice for smaller classrooms.

4) 3D Systems Cube Pro

The 3D Systems Cube Pro has the largest build platform at 285 x 270 x 230mm. A high resolution of 70 microns and a fully-enclosed heated chamber improves the accuracy and reliability of your prints.

And with multicolour printing available with up to three simultaneous colours, students will love the versatility and appearance of their models.

With wireless connectivity and an easy-to-use touchscreen display, you’ll be printing in no time.

5) Ultimaker 2+

Creating high resolution models with complex parts is a breeze with the Ultimaker 2+.

Print dimensions are very accurate, with a swappable nozzle to give you increased control. You can easily choose whether you want faster speed or greater detail. The super-reliable geared feeder makes it simple to swap filaments when needed, and the heated glass build plate makes for less shrinkage and easy print removal.

A 20 micron resolution will give you great results for challenging prints of all shapes and sizes.

Are you feeling ready to make the right choice for your classroom? With our pick of the best 3D printers for schools, you can demonstrate an idea, prove a theory, and inspire a career.

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