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What does a comprehensive iPad for education service look like?

by | Sep 26, 2018 | iPads

With so many options out there, choosing an iPad for education service seems anything but easy… So, to save you doing too much homework, we’ve prepared this handy cheat sheet.

This will help you get to grips with all the things that an awesome iPad for education service can offer. Plus, you’ll find out how these features help you squeeze every last drop of value from your investment.

Let’s get stuck in!

Your iPad for education service should give you:

1) Expert advice

Your iPad for education service should help you choose your devices, and give you a heads-up on how to use them.

Choosing devices

With Utility Rentals, we’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of different iPad types to help you select a winner. Choose between:

We know the specs inside-out; screen sizes, processing power, battery life and all the rest. So, we can fill you in on the details before you make any decisions.

Apps, accessories and lesson plans

We’ll also give you stacks of ideas for apps and lesson plans that will bring colour to your classroom, as well as the accessories that will keep your iPads safe, fully charged and ready to roll!

2) Financial flexibility

Your iPad for education service should understand how tight school budgets can be, and give you a little wiggle room when it comes to costs.

Multiple payment options

With Utility Rentals, you get the flexibility to choose from three payment models to help spread the cost, including:

  • Quarterly payments
  • Termly payments
  • Annual payments

This means that you decide exactly how to pay for your iPads in a way that suits your school budget.

Deferred payments

Can’t pay just yet, but want to get started? No problem! You can defer your payment for up to 12 months to give you time to balance your books.

3) Peace of mind

Your iPad for education service should know all about the rough-and-tumble of school life, and make sure you’re fully protected.

Parts and labour breakdown warranty

With Utility Rentals, we’ll cover all the costs of fixing your iPads following a breakdown for three years after you sign your contract. So, no need to worry about faulty units.

Accidental damage and misuse cover

Even with the best will in the world, we know things can easily get dropped or spilled and damage your iPads. So, we’ll also cover any accidental damage or misuse for a mighty three years, too.

Theft cover

If the worst should happen and one or more iPads get pinched, we’ll set you up with new ones for – you’ve guessed it – up to three years after your agreement begins.

If the iPad for education service you’re looking at can’t match up to all this, then forget about it! There are providers out there who’ll give you more bang for your buck.

Get set up with iPads to enhance the learning process at your school! Speak to the expert iPads for Education team today.

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