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Utility Rentals launches new iPad enrolment plan for schools

by | Apr 12, 2017 | iPads, News

We understand the difficulties that can come with managing multiple iPads within a school, so we have launched our device enrolment plan.

It will give you the support you need to manage all of your school’s devices quickly, easily and without disruption to your lessons. Through automatic enrolment and configuration, your iPads will stick to the school rules and keep your students safe online.

What is a device enrolment plan?

A device enrolment plan (otherwise known as a DEP) provides “a fast, streamlined way to deploy institutionally owned iPad devices“.

All devices are configured to the school’s requirements through the plan, and can be managed remotely – you can just send an update out across the cloud and all the iPads will make this change.

How does it work?

Utility Rentals will sign you up for the enrolment plan, and then your IT department can do the rest. Simply decide on the configurations your school requires (adblocks, restrictions etc.), set it up with the mobile device management system (MDM) and every iPad will be ready to use as soon as you get them out of the box.

You can continue managing the devices throughout their lifespan through the MDM system that your IT department will control. This will allow you to send updates/reconfigure devices without even touching them.

Our device enrolment plan simplifies all aspects of iPad management. Here are just a few ways it will help your school:

Simple setup

Say you order 30 iPads; without a device enrolment plan, you’ll have to go through and set up each device individually according to your school’s requirements. Our device enrolment plan makes this a much more convenient process – it’s all done before you open the box!

Through using this system, you can be sure that all iPads are consistent in their configurations, making them easier and safer for students to use.

The combination of a DEP and MDM system will automatically enrol any new devices, supervise the existing ones, and give you an overview of all your devices.

Online supervision

For a school, introducing iPads or other electronic devices can present a number of issues including online safeguarding and preventing access to gaming platforms.

Through our device enrolment plan, you can configure your students’ iPads to include additional restrictions. You can turn off iMessage, the Game Centre, and can even filter web content to make sure it’s appropriate for students.

Effective device management

The amount of time and effort it would take to manually configure or update each of your school’s devices individually is astonishing.

The device enrolment plan streamlines this service. Once the devices are activated, you can configure account settings, apps and access to IT services through your wireless network. There’s no need to stage these services or physically access any of the devices.

So there you have it. A clear and simple way to manage all of your iPads from setup to their last day of school. This innovative new plan is designed to save schools time, money and resources so they can immediately deploy these devices to help improve the learning environment.

If you want to find out more about our device enrolment plan, or our leasing options for iPads, get in touch with one of our friendly experts today.

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