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Under the spotlight: The iPad Pro in education

by | Mar 27, 2019 | iPads, News

Using an iPad Pro in education is becoming something of a no-brainer…

This slick new device promised much on arrival, and it looks as though Apple is delivering.

Today, we want to really drill down to discover what makes the new iPad Pro even better for education than its illustrious alumnus.

We’ll also throw in a few lesson ideas for teachers for good measure!

Let’s explore the iPad Pro in education

A whole lot’s changed in the new iPad. To help you make sense of the techie wizardry, we’ve broken the new features down into three categories:

1) Snazzy new screen

When it comes to using the iPad Pro in education, screen size really matters.

The screen on the standard 2018 iPad measured in at a slender 9.7 inches, making it a paragon of portability.

But, the new iPad Pro has been beefed up to a mighty 12.9 inches. What does this mean? Well, you get much more info on the screen at any given time; longer passages of text, larger images/videos and apps.

In fact, with these dimensions, you can fit an entire A4 sheet of paper on the screen without having to fiddle around with scroll or zoom functions.

2) Teamwork makes the dream work

Apple has also added a ton of functionality when it comes to hosting multiple apps or users at the same time.

Traditionally, iPads only let one user work on something at any given time. Now, with the new multi-touch display, you can work together with individual students on a piece of work simultaneously. Or, you can get them set up with some peer-learning activities.

The new iPad also lets you use two apps at the same time. This will help students produce work faster without having to switch between apps. And, it means they can do things like conduct online research while taking notes, or read off an autocue while delivering a presentation.

3) Accessorise

Often, accessories are a frivolous luxury. But, when using the new iPad Pro in education, the accessories make a real difference.

First, there’s the Apple Pencil, which is essentially a super-charged stylus. With this, you can set kids’ creative minds free on arty projects, turn their handwriting into digital text and so much more.

Then, there’s the new Smart Keyboard. This external keyboard makes the typing process easier (and arguably more satisfying). It also frees up screen space to view even more things at once. Combine the two and you’ve got pretty much all the functionality of a laptop.

So, what are you waiting for? With so much to gain from using the iPad Pro in education, all that remains is finding the right deal for you.

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