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Top 9 learning apps for kids

by | Jul 7, 2017 | iPads, News

Learning apps for kids are set to be the next big thing in education. They’re fun, easy-to-use and provide great learning opportunities for students.

Why use learning apps?

Learning apps for kids stimulate the mind, test knowledge and encourage communication (both verbal and online).

They can be used as part of your primary learning strategy, or as a fun add-on to bring a new dynamic to the syllabus.

These apps are a key part of interactive learning strategies that can reinvigorate the classroom. Many learning apps for kids broach niche subjects (such as coding) in a fun and accessible way that may not be possible in a normal classroom.

Apps and tablets are the main source of information for young students. By using this technology in an educational environment, you’re making the learning process much more engaging and enjoyable.

Many apps are created in line with the curriculum/learning objectives for each stage of study. They can save teachers time on processes like lesson planning and marking.

The top learning apps for kids

iPads are now an established feature in classrooms across the country. But, which learning apps should teachers be using?

Here are our top 9 learning apps for kids to help get you started:

Key Stage 1

1. Maths, age 4-6 – Teach kids the key elements of the Key Stage 1 maths curriculum with this app – counting, shapes, telling the time, addition, subtraction and more!

2. Daisy the Dinosaur – Introduce younger pupils to coding with this fun character. It provides step-by-step instructions that teach kids how to build sequences, and understand the methodology.

3. Up Plus Minus – Encourage students to test their addition and subtraction skills using this app. They can choose their own level of difficulty, or even challenge each other.


Key Stage 2

4. Kahoot! – Use your students’ iPads in combination with your interactive screen to administer this nifty quiz app. Create multiple choice questions based on your curriculum.

5. Dinosaurs Everywhere! – Use augmented reality to see dinosaurs walking around your school playground. Zoom in for a closer look and learn all about these ancient creatures.

6. Book creator – Encourage kids to create their own books with text, images, audio and video. Let them use their creativity, then share their work using iBooks or iCloud.


Key Stage 3

7. Duolingo – Choose from 23 languages and start learning a valuable new skill. Students can compete with friends and translate real-world texts.

8. Swift Playgrounds – Made by Apple, this split screen app shows the code on the left and real-time programs on the right. Students can fly drones, create robots and more while learning to code.

9. SimplePhysics – Input numerical data and plot physical processes in test scenarios to see how this influences students’ designs. Choose scenarios ranging from tree houses to Ferris wheels.


So, there you have it: nine fantastic learning apps for kids that will help them engage with the subject matter and hone their skills. Why not try them out today?

To find out more about how iPads can improve your school’s virtual learning environment, get in touch today!

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