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Spruce it up! 5 handy tips to help you organise a nativity play full of seasonal magic

by | Dec 5, 2018 | iPads, News

It takes a lot to organise a nativity play – especially one with a dash of originality, and all the while under the watchful eyes of parents and senior staff.

But, with a little clever thinking, you can find all sorts of ways to make your Christmas play even better – without breaking the bank.

You’re just in time to get prepped for this year’s performances. Explore our ideas and discover how.

Organise a nativity play kids and parents will always remember!

These are some of our favourite ways to make school plays more memorable on a budget:

1) Digital invitations

Sending out invitations is a great way to make the event feel a bit more special. But, they’ll eat up your time and your budget.

The solution? Well, it’s literally staring you in the face! Use that good ol’ World Wide Web to your advantage and start sending out digital invitations.

Probably the easiest way to begin is to create a design using one of your school iPads. Free apps such as Invitation Maker will do much of the legwork for you. Then, you can simply use your school’s administration system to send your designs out to parents.

2) Sweet treats

Christmas is the time to indulge and enjoy all sorts of treats we might not normally.

Welcome parents and other guests with a selection of treats still warm from the oven. It could be a mince pie, dollop of Christmas pud – or, even a cheeky virgin mulled wine.

Get kids involved in prepping these mouth-watering morsels and you can teach them a few valuable cookery skills along the way.

What will you need to get started? Well, some seriously robust yet efficient kitchen equipment is your best bet. Think: professional cookers, refrigeration units and dishwashers to name just a few.

3) Original props

Yep, most of your props will be wonderful cardboard creations. But, why not add a smattering of something a little more original?

Fire up that 3D printer and task it with creating a few choice props for the places that really matter. For more traditional plays, you could use them to create:

  • A sparkling star
  • Fake jewels and crowns for the three kings
  • Gifts for the baby Jesus

If you’re going for something more original, then the world is your oyster!

4) Interactive scenery

You can do so much with interactive screens. But, had you ever thought of using them as scenery?

For instance, you could load up a YouTube video of a crackling fireplace, a blinding snowstorm, or a sandy desert landscape.

Or, you could get the kids to record their own short narrative videos beforehand, then play them between scenes to help tie everything together.

5) Handmade costumes

This is one that’s more for the older kids. Why not get them to make their own colourful costumes as part of a textiles project?

The outfits needn’t be too complicated. Items such as a simple wrap-around cloak would do in most cases, making them well within kids’ capabilities.

You’ll need the usual material, thread and chalk etc., then you can guide them through making basic clothing using a school sewing machine.

There are so many ways to put on amazing nativity plays without breaking your budget, you just need the right equipment in the right places.

Organise a nativity play kids and parents won’t forget using school equipment from Utility Rentals. Chat to our friendly team today.

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