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Spring is here: it’s time to spruce up school playgrounds

by | May 15, 2019 | Canopies, News

With the cold weather well and truly on its way out, now’s the time to improve your school playground to make the best use of space and create an awesome environment for your students.

This blog will look at some simple ways to spruce up school playgrounds to get them summer-ready and in tip-top condition!

Why is it important to spruce up school playgrounds?

With mental health and well-being top of the political agenda, promoting healthy lifestyles is a crucial part of modern school life.

The very act of getting kids outside is a positive step towards improving their well-being. It prevents them from feeling cooped-up; allows them to get some much-needed fresh air and Vitamin D; and, puts them in an environment that’s more relaxed than the classroom. All of these things lead to young folks feeling less stressed, more at ease and generally healthier.

Playgrounds offer a safe place for exercise, which is another key factor in maintaining student health and well-being. Interacting with nature also has proven health benefits for all ages, so playgrounds with features such as gardens or bird tables can prove a big hit with students – especially the younger ones!

What can we do to spruce up school playgrounds?

So, now we’re aware of the advantages of school playgrounds, let’s take a look at some simple ways to improve them:

1) Think about surfaces:

The surface that children play on is central to any playground. It needs to be safe, hard-wearing and easy to maintain. There are many materials to choose from including wet pour surfacing (which provides students with a cushioned surface), artificial grass and more.

2) Provide a shelter:

A shelter will provide somewhere for students to sit – no matter the weather. Investing in an outdoor canopy means your school playground will be accessible all year round! With Utility Rentals’ flexible leasing plans you can spread the cost of this too, so you needn’t worry about blowing your budget.

3) Create a nature garden:

Use planters, wind chimes, trellises and the like to create your very own calming outdoor space. Add a few bird tables or even a bug hotel to attract wildlife to the space and help kids really engage with nature.

4) Introduce some new playground equipment:

Get creative with your playground equipment; move away from the traditional and think about adding obstacle courses, play towers, traversing walls and so on. These will help students’ problem-solving skills, encourage them to take risks and foster resilience.

5) Consider creating distinct zones:

Dividing your playground into zones can prove an effective use of the space. It also creates a safer environment by keeping physical activities such as football to a defined area. Having distinct zones should make it easier to manage and supervise students, too.

With the onus increasingly on schools to promote student well-being, providing well-equipped, fun outdoor spaces suitable for both physical activities and relaxing in is sure to benefit students as well as teachers.

Would you like to find out more about how to spruce up school playgrounds? Contact the friendly Utility Rentals team today.

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