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Test Valley School’s new water cooler stock

Setting up a new water cooler in your school can be immensely rewarding when the right payment and support packages are in place – as Test Valley School has recently discovered.

Hydration is crucial for pupils’ wellbeing, and can even play a major role in enhancing overall attainment. But, a school water cooler can become outdated and even unsanitary over time, and so will eventually need replacing.

Not sure where to start looking? Here’s a real life account of obtaining new school water coolers with Utility Rentals.


What was Test Valley School looking for?

Test Valley School was looking to bring in a brand new set of school water coolers for its pupils.

Representatives were willing to consider a range of options, but wanted a package that could satisfy their requirements.


Things to consider when purchasing a school water cooler

Cost was a significant factor for Test Valley School. Renting the school water cooler was a great way to go because it meant smaller payments over a longer period of time.

However, their primary aim was to find a provider who could offer a higher level of maintenance support for the duration of the water cooler’s lifespan in the school.

The Utility Rentals package includes

  • Removal of old units
  • Installation of new water coolers
  • Parts and labour breakdown warranty for the whole rental term
  • Two sanitation visits per year

Here’s what Test Valley School had to say about their water cooler procurement process:

“Having carried out a lot of work around the advantages of renting over buying we chose Utility Rentals as the most competitive quote with a comprehensive support package.”

“Utility Rentals were very competitive, but overall pricing was not the only factor as the service element is key for us. We decided to rent to spread the cost and ensure that should anything go wrong with the equipment it would be sorted out quickly.”

“The mark of a good organisation is how things are dealt with when issues occur, and although we had some teething problems with the water coolers, this was sorted out very successfully and professionally by Utility Rentals.”


The Utility Rentals touch

We’ll leave the last word to Test Valley School, who said of the Utility Rentals service: “It’s refreshing to deal with a company that is able to supply a competitive product whilst providing great service.”

And, when asked whether they’d recommend Utility Rentals as a service provider for schools, the answer was a resounding: “Yes, without hesitation… I think the service is fantastic.”

Utility Rentals is here to help your school get the equipment it needs to optimise the learning process, complete with the payment options and level of service support that’s required to make the most of your investment.

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