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How we helped Space Studio Save thousands on their hand drying costs

Studio Schools like Space Studio Banbury are new to the education sector. Taking a new approach to learning, they teach through enterprise projects and real work. With the support of local employers, Studio Schools not only offer both academic and vocational qualifications such as GCSE’s, but students also attend weekly work placements in the local area. Space Studio Banbury is a new and
unique school which is run by Aspirations Academy Trust. It will eventually have 300 students aged between 14 and 18 years old, which have been drawn from existing local secondary schools, as well as areas further afield in Bicester, Daventry, Milton Keynes and Leamington. The schools main aim is ‘to develop very high quality Science and Maths education to prepare students exceptionally well for careers in space related industries.’ And as such, the school strongly focuses on space related technologies, with aspects of its curriculum being developed and delivered by staff from the UK Space Agency, ESA and the National Space Academy programme.

The school, which replicates a set of research buildings rather than a traditional school building, was built to the highest standards before opening in 2014. As part of the preparation for their first intake of students, Jane Ablett, Business Manager at Space Studio Banbury was responsible for acquiring equipment such as hand dryers for each of the washrooms on campus. “When looking into procuring hand dryers, I wanted to compare the option of renting them against purchasing them outright. After a quick search on Google, I came across Utility Rentals. I was impressed with their offering and so decided to contact them for a quote.” explained Jane.

The Utility Rentals Solution

Utility Rentals are the longest running school equipment leasing company in the UK, who are dedicated to helping schools acquire equipment in an easy and affordable way. Their rental contracts which were specifically designed with the education sector in mind, enable schools to spread the cost of the equipment they wish to obtain over a number of years, using just their revenue budget. The rental payments are fixed throughout the rental period and are always due on the same date each year, helping schools to budget their finances accordingly. Although, Utility Rentals provide a much greater service to their customers than just new equipment. They offer a
complete package, including delivery, installation and a full parts and labour breakdown warranty for the duration of the rental. Many suppliers who sell equipment like hand dryers, simply deliver ‘a box’, leaving the school to organise the initial installation, as well as any repairs when the units breakdown. This can be time consuming, not to mention costly and with a vast number of hand dryers on one school site, these costs can soon add up!

Jane said, “We chose to rent our new Dyson Airblade hand dryers from Utility Rentals as we like the fact that the ongoing maintenance is sorted. If a unit was to breakdown, we simply contact them to rectify the problem, without having to deal with Dyson directly or worry about sourcing a suitable repair agent. Their pricing was very good and they helped us to find hand dryers which suited our requirements. Their service is and has been great; we would definitely use them again!”

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