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Delivering iPads to the classroom: John Ruskin School

iPads are the next big thing in education, and they are no passing fad.

By helping lessons across the curriculum become more interactive, iPads are now widely considered to be useful learning resources for pupils of all ages.

However, with recent cuts to school budgets, finding the funds for iPads can be difficult. Purchasing them outright is expensive, and very rarely comes with the added-extras schools so desperately need.

John Ruskin School in London was facing this dilemma, but luckily Utility Rentals was there to give a helping hand.


About John Ruskin School

Located in the heart of Camberwell lies John Ruskin, a primary school that caters for 500 pupils aged between 3 and 11.

As existing Utility Rentals customers, they had already embraced the leasing option for school equipment. Their water coolers, interactive screens and hand dryers were all provided through flexible leasing contracts.

The school thought it would be impossible to fund new iPads “due to the lack of capital funds to purchase the kit”. Jonathan Verity, Business Manager, John Ruskin School

Happily, they were wrong!


The Utility Rentals iPad solution

Utility Rentals assessed the needs of the school, and offered a rental solution for brand new 32GB iPad Air 2s, as well as rugged protective cases to help withstand wear and tear, and a charge and sync trolley to store and charge the iPads.

We were able to provide:

  • Free delivery to the school
  • 3 year parts and labour breakdown warranty
  • 3 year accidental damage and misuse cover
  • 3 year theft cover
  • Expert support throughout the rental period

One of the most attractive aspects of this solution was the price. “It worked out cheaper renting across a 3 year period than purchasing” explains Jonathan, therefore making it a more viable option.

Another key part of the agreement was the extended warranty. Jonathan added “Any breakdown or damage is covered, which would have been an extra cost [when purchasing outright].” The opportunity of “swapping out for the newer model once the lease period expires” was an added bonus for the school.


The end result

The iPad leasing scheme Utility Rentals offers was created with schools in mind. It’s designed as a fast and reliable service that will hugely benefit the students’ learning, as well as ease the strain on schools’ often squeezed budgets.

John Ruskin School was very happy with the results of their iPad leasing scheme. They said that the service Utility Rentals provided was “excellent and highly recommended”. They reported having experienced “great, personal customer service and fast response times to queries issues and quotations”.

The extended warranty, financing structure and expert support gives the staff of John Ruskin School peace of mind and protection they need to make iPad learning a viable option for their students.

John Ruskin is just one of the schools that Utility Rentals has helped kit out their classrooms with iPads, as well as other equipment that makes the day-to-day running of the school much easier.

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