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Utility Rentals understand how much of an inconvenience it can be for schools if their food technology appliances aren’t functioning correctly, not to mention the health and safety risks that could arise as the result of a faulty appliance. But finding suitable agents to carry out annual safety inspections can be a laborious task and even if a local provider can do the work, they are often very expensive. Consequently, Utility Rentals have been providing annual safety inspections for gas, electric and dual fuel cookers to schools throughout the UK for many years, ensuring appliances meet the required health and safety regulations for the forthcoming year.

Easingwold School & Sixth Form, based in Easingwold, York ‘is a school that enables all students to be safe, supported, challenged and successful from age 11 through to 18’. They have been renting a range of white goods from Utility Rentals for many years and although they receive a full parts and labour breakdown warranty for each appliance as part of the rental, it is vital for them to have annual checks on each of their cookers also, to ensure they are safe and in good working order. Denis Cope, Design & Technology Technician at Easingwold School & Sixth Form explains, “As a very healthy and safety conscious school, it is extremely important for us to have annual safety inspections on all of our cookers, especially the gas cookers as we are required to by law. We were unable to find a local company to carry out this work, so we contacted Utility Rentals for assistance. The quote they provided was very competitive.”

As part of each safety inspection, an engineer will inspect the physical condition of the appliance and will also carry out performance tests to make sure it is working correctly. The engineer will then issue a report detailing any defects that need to be rectified. Schools have the option of either including safety inspections as part of their annual rental costs or paying for them separately each year. However, even if a school isn’t currently working with Utility Rentals for the rental of cookers, they can still carryout their safety inspections. In all cases, Utility Rentals can help with any repairs required as the result of a safety inspection. If the appliance is rented from Utility Rentals, repairs are covered by the breakdown warranty and so will be free of charge. For any appliances not on rental, Utility Rentals can still assist with any repairs that are required and are able to offer preferential pricing to ensure the appliance is fixed as soon as possible, at an affordable price.

Denis said of his experience with Utility Rentals, “They are always very helpful and efficient. We have received excellent service from them for both the rental of appliances and for our safety inspections each year. I would definitely recommend Utility Rentals to other schools.”


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