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Build it yourself 3D Printer
- Simple to put together and great schools and education


Number of Extruders
Print Heads:
1x Extruder
3D Printer Resolution
100 Microns
3D Printer Speed
Print Speed:
Up to 120mm per sec
3D Printer Build Size
Build Size:
200 x 200 x 170 mm

Now pupils can build their very own 3D printer with the CoLiDo DIY. The CoLiDo DIY parts are already provided – all you need to do is assemble them, and you have a real 3D printer!

This is the perfect 3D Printer for Schools! It’s fun, playful and is perfect for use within the education sector as it will help improve pupils handling skills during building, as well as their innovation skills when they go on to design their own 3D prints. What better way could there be to help pupils understand the concept of 3D printing, than to let them build one?

But rest assured, the CoLiDo DIY doesn’t compromise on quality. It offers a large build size of 20cm x 20cm x 17cm and can print in a resolution of up to an amazing 100 microns, which is the highest resolution among the same level of 3D printers available on the market today! It’s small and light weight, so it won’t take up too much room in a classroom and as it’s quiet, it won’t interrupt lessons when it’s printing either.

To see just how simple it is to put together, please check out the videos section below!!

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Product Description

Considering getting a 3D Printer for your school?…we make it easy


Build the printer in less than 15 minutes

Takes less than
15 minutes to build

Non Toxic Odourless Filament

Non-toxic, safe
odourless filament

Large Build Size

Large print size
(20 x 20 x 17cm)

Very High Print Resolution

Very high print
quality of 100 microns


Unlike the majority of internet retailers and distributers, we include all the services required to make your 3D Printer project as simple and straightforward as possible:


  • Expert guidance on choosing the 3D Printer which is right for your school
  • Free delivery to your school
  • Classroom material designed for your students with teacher presentation material
  • Affordable filament bundles in a range of colours
  • The friendliest team of experts in the industry, on hand to support you throughout the rental

Additional Information

Number of Extruders


Layer Resolution

0.1 – 0.4mm


20-120 mm/s

Build Volume (W x L x H)

200mm x 200mm x 170mm

Build Surface

Engineering Plastic

Filament Diameter


Filament Material






Free Software


Supported File Type


Operating System


Product Dimensions (W x L x H)

480mm x 525mm x 368mm

Product Weight



What's in the box?


With every CoLido DIY 3D Printer you will receive:

  • 3D Printer
  • 1 x PLA filament (500g)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Tools

Accessories & Consumables