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Get stuck into personalised learning with iPads for schools

by | Oct 24, 2018 | iPads, News

Most kids know their way around an iPad long before they get to school, and they love using them. Adopting personalised learning with iPads in class means they’ll soon be learning independently and gaining new skills.

Using iPads in the classroom can switch on your students to a more active way of learning. Kids can move at their own pace, and find their own ways to respond to learning challenges.

With iPads inspiring creativity in the classroom, students will learn more effectively as the teaching process adapts to their needs.

Getting set up to succeed

Earlier this year, Apple released a brand-new iPad for education that really fits the bill.

With a bunch of new features at a cost-effective price, you can enjoy the benefits of more processing power, a longer replacement cycle and access to even greater creative capacity.

Brimming with features that make the iPad the perfect learning tool, teachers also benefit. Learning can be tailored to each child as they learn to act on constructive teacher feedback and succeed in their own personal journeys.

Managing iPads for a class couldn’t be easier with ZuluDesk. This mobile device management software lets you confront any concerns about distraction head-on. The easy-to-use interface also allows you to keep students focused firmly on the task in hand.

Parents can be more involved and aware of their children’s work too, and feedback from teachers and parents will inspire students to progress at their own pace.

Making the most of personalised learning with iPads

For iPads to really support personalised learning, you’ll want to find out about tools and techniques that are there to help. Here’s a run-down of some of the best.

1) Flipped learning

Trying new techniques such as flipped learning will keep learning fresh and let children experience the latest ways to lead themselves. Giving students learning materials before class means lessons can focus on discussions and practical activities to make the most of class time.

2) Seesaw

Children express themselves easily using Seesaw and can create a portfolio of work they are proud to share. Families can see their child’s work and leave encouraging comments. Easy to use from the youngest age, it’s a supportive tool in establishing the critical three-way link between child, teacher and parent.

3) Socrative

Testing for understanding is simple with Socrative software. Set a quiz or test to find out exactly where a child is with their learning. With easy-to-interpret results you can tailor next steps to each child’s abilities. This allows you to meet specific learning needs effectively.

4) Google classroom

You need support to successfully manage a class, and Google Classroom provides this in spades! It works as a closed group where teachers can set tasks, comments and notices, and students can comment and ask questions. You have the ability to set assignments tailored to different needs, and you can see who has or hasn’t finished on time.

Give yourselves and your students an advantage with these iPad tools and techniques. You’ll love the creativity they bring to your classroom.

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