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iPads and interactive screens: the ultimate companions

by | Oct 10, 2018 | iPads, News

Technology is advancing in every sector, and its integration into the education system is helping plug the digital skills gap.

iPads and interactive screens are an invaluable addition to any classroom; enabling teachers to deliver engaging lessons that inspire and improve student productivity. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits this technology can bring.

The benefits of interactive technology for teachers

There are almost countless benefits of iPads and interactive screens for students. There are also plenty of reasons why teachers can enjoy these powerful and versatile tools too, including:

1) Efficient lesson planning

It goes without saying that teachers have a hefty workload. To reduce this burden and encourage a paperless environment, iPads enable staff to produce multimedia lesson plans that they can share easily with other team members.

You can also forget about re-inventing the wheel for generic documents, such as reports and forms, and create a set of templates that are consistent for all staff.

Another great feature of iPads and interactive screens includes the ability to capture lessons and save relevant resources from an interactive screen.

Lesson presentations and notes can be transferred directly to an iPad via screen mirroring and alignment technology. These can then be shared among students and teachers, as required.

2) Screen mirroring capabilities

This useful technique is ideal for a seamless and mostly interruption-free way to deliver lessons.

It allows you to transfer videos, images, slideshows and interactive games from an iPad directly to your classroom’s interactive screen via a host of connectivity options.

The easiest way to set everything up is via a wired connection, as you just plug straight into a projector. However, there’s also a range of wireless applications you can use, giving teachers the freedom to circulate the room for more individual attention and a dynamic teaching environment.

Wireless connection options include tools such as Apple TV and software like Reflector.

3) Contributing to Ofsted grading

Alongside the technical and safety aspects of equipment in schools, Ofsted grades equipment on how well it boosts the learning environment and how it contributes to students obtaining better grades.

By implementing iPads and interactive screens in the classroom, you are assisting your team in providing the most effective learning techniques for improving student capabilities.

This not only benefits your school’s reputation and (hopefully) your Ofsted grading, but it also shows your commitment to improving education for everyone.

But, it’s not just the serious stuff that iPads and interactive screens can help with; there are plenty of fun and interactive activities they can assist with, too. Take a look:

Collaborative work with shared reading and visualisation tools

A collaborative environment is known to help students perform better in class. Using this method, you’ll see positive results in how students communicate with each other and become more confident in group learning situations.

The latest iPads and interactive screens technology enable students to contribute and share resources at the touch of a button. So, getting your students to work together is easier than ever!

Interactive games and tests

Making lessons fun and engaging can be a challenge; using iPads and interactive screens for games and polling apps enables teachers to gain instant feedback on answers. It also tallies student results quickly for some healthy competition!

iPads and interactive screens are essential tools for delivering engaging educational experiences. Discover how to enhance your classroom technology with the experts at Utility Rentals!

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