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Interactive screens vs electronic whiteboards: Spot the difference

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Large Format Interactive Screens, News

Interactive screens vs electronic whiteboards – it’s a debate as old as time (well, the noughties at least).

Cards on the table, we think both of these learning devices are just swell.

However, there are some subtle differences between them worth noting if you’re to make the right choice for your classrooms.

Interactive screens vs electronic whiteboards

Here’s our take on what you need to think about when comparing interactive screens vs electronic whiteboards:

1) Interactive screens

Interactive screens are among the most tantalising instruments in a typical teacher’s toolkit today.

You can do so much with these handy devices that they might just transform your approach to teaching altogether!

First, they have all the standard whiteboard features of yore we’ve come to expect – allowing you to write notes, make them colourful, rub out mistakes etc. Then, with a little techno-magic, you can save a digital copy of your notes and share them with your class.

But, that’s just the starting point. Your interactive screen hooks straight up to a desktop device in your classroom, and provides more or less the exact same functionality.

This means you can do all sorts of incredible things, like:

  • Surf the web using a browser
  • Play videos from YouTube
  • Record sound and video
  • Set up a live link and chat with classes/teachers elsewhere
  • Create interactive presentations
  • Use live polling software for formative assessments

We’re so in love with interactive screens, we’ve even prepared a handy list of appropriate lesson plan ideas you can get stuck right into.

It’s also worth noting just how fast this technology is developing. The first versions could only handle a limited number of users at once, whereas current models can be used by tens of people simultaneously.

If you’re feeling particularly techie, you can also use Screen Mirroring to link up an iPad to your interactive screens. Then, you can do all these things right from the palm of your hand.

2) Electronic whiteboards

Despite electronic whiteboards having fewer functions than interactive screens, there’s still a lot to love about them.

Just like interactive screens, you can link an electronic whiteboard to a desktop computer.

Then, you can use a stylus to jot down your thoughts on the board, write up equations, or create pictures to inspire your students’ imaginations.

Once you’ve created your board full of work over the course of a lesson, simply save your notes directly to your desktop, then share them with the class from there.

Made a mistake along the way? No problem! Just use the ‘eraser’ to wipe your error and start again. This makes electronic whiteboards great for class-wide activities.

There you have it; interactive screens vs electronic whiteboards. Which one will you plump for?

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