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Help students start 2019 off right with reflective lesson plans

by | Jan 9, 2019 | iPads, News

Reflective lesson plans are a fantastic way to help kids pause, think about their capabilities and what steps to take next.

For teachers, reflection is just part and parcel of the development process. By encouraging students to reflect too, you not only help them to help themselves, but you also gain useful insights to help tailor your lesson plans.

Today, we’ll introduce you to five great reflective lesson plans that will get your little folks thinking.

5 reflective lesson plans kids will love

Get reflective with these thought-provoking lesson plans:

1) Start a diary or blog

Kids + diaries = a tale as old as time…

During your lesson, talk about the importance of keeping a diary, how often to add new entries and any other details you think are important. Then, you can help them get set up.

iPads are a great resource for diaries. You could get them to start a diary using Apple’s ‘Notes’ app, then save the file in The Cloud. That way, they can access their diary from any device, whenever they need it.

2) Create a reflective image

Some students prefer working with images rather than text.

Channel their interest by encouraging them to record and reflect on their academic actions using their iPads to draw pictures, or – in the case of older kids – create graphics.

3) Answer random reflective questions

Why not inject an element of unpredictability by using a random question generator?

This might involve using dice with each number linked to a specific question. You could do this as a class by using your interactive screen to display a random dice roller. Or, you could get your students to use their iPads individually.

4) Watch themselves in action

Anyone who’s heard their own voicemail (*cringe*) will tell you we gain a different perspective of ourselves when we watch or listen to a recording of us in action.

Task your pupils with using their iPads to record a short individual or group presentation on a topic relevant to a field they’re studying right now. Then, ask them to watch this back and make notes on potential improvements.

5) Share reflections with parents

This is a slightly different tack from the other reflective lesson plans… But the learning process is always easier when parents are on board too.

With your kids’ permission, think about using your school iPads to conveniently share your kids’ reflections on learning with their parents. This might just be a one-off activity, or it could become a regular thing.

This exercise should also encourage parents to think about how they could help support your learning objectives while the students are at home.

Whichever option you choose, reflective lesson plans are an important piece of the educational jigsaw. Use these handy tips to get started.

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