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Fresh ideas to create fun assemblies for primary schools

by | Jan 2, 2019 | 3D Printers, News

We know that keeping your students’ attention can be a little tricky, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you create fun assemblies for primary schools.

Whether it’s a dazzling PowerPoint, a personal story or some fun props, they could all make a huge difference to your assembly and cause students to remember its message for years to come.

What makes a good assembly?

To create fun assemblies for primary schools, you need to remember who your audience is.

Primary students are aged between five and 11, so they have a variety of needs you’ll need to address. Tailor your subject and your presenting style to the group you’re talking to (if it’s Reception you might go for a more metaphorical approach, while Year 6 students might appreciate some straight-talking).

You could also think about throwing in something for the staff, too – it’s good to keep them interested!

Kids in primary school can be easily distracted and tend to tune out when things don’t interest them. So, you’ll need something to really hook them in.

Consider setting the scene with music, then jump straight into the action. Colour and static visuals are always a good idea, but video is even better. It’s a medium they’re used to viewing – thank you YouTube – so why not make the most of it?

If you’re looking for inspiration for fun assemblies, try watching a few TED talks to see the techniques they use. It seems that telling a personal story, being a little eccentric and staying positive throughout really work – so, find a presenting style that suits you!

7 quick ideas to create fun assemblies for primary schools

  1. Make multimedia magic: Use music and images to bring your assembly to life and pique students’ interest
  2. Keep announcements short: The formal, admin side of assemblies can be a bit dull, so try to keep this as brief as possible
  3. Speak from the heart: Talk about what you’re passionate about and its effect on your life – you’ll get an incredible response
  4. Encourage interactivity: Let some students use iPads and interactive screens during the assembly to really get them involved
  5. Play games with your students: Students sometimes respond better when they don’t think they’re learning; use a game to teach them something (e.g. fairness, sportsmanship etc.)
  6. Show them something exciting: Task a 3D printer or laser cutter to perform an action while you talk; this will demonstrate the technology’s capabilities and inspire your kids to think about what they can do with it
  7. Think outside the box: Your assembly is a performance. Try to think up something creative and engaging, so you get a five-star review from your students!

We hope these ideas will help you create more fun assemblies for primary schools. A good assembly can really capture the attention of students returning after the holidays and play an important role in welcoming new students to the school.

If you need some exciting new tech to help your school create fun assemblies, talk to our expert team today.

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