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Keep your pupils and staff hydrated with a water cooler!

It’s no secret that keeping pupils hydrated throughout the school day is incredibly important. And by having readily available water points around the school, you can make water easily accessible. With so many solutions out there, it’s important that you choose the water dispenser which is going to be best suited to your requirements and the environment where you wish to place it. Obviously robustness and reliability will be high factors, but in high use areas would a fountain or a water dispenser with a cup dispenser be the best solution?

We aren’t expecting you to be experts – that’s what we are here for. We can make the process incredibly simple for you and ensure the investment you make, gets you the water dispensing solution which is perfect for the intended use. Not only are we able to offer expert advice, but we can also help spread the cost of the water dispensers using our rental solution, which has been designed specifically for schools. We can even include installation and a breakdown warranty for added comfort, so you won’t be stung by any expensive breakdown repairs during the term of the rental!

Considering updating your school water boilers or coolers?…we make it easy

Unlike the majority of high street and internet retailers, we include all the services required to make your water boiler or cooler project as simple and straightforward as possible:

      • Delivery to your school
      • Unpacking of the new water boiler or cooler
      • Disconnection and removal of any old water boilers or coolers
      • Installation of the new water boiler or cooler
      • A  parts and labour breakdown warranty for the full rental term
      • Two sanitisation visits each year
      • The friendliest team of experts in the industry, on hand to support you throughout the rental

From the first time you speak to us, you will know you are in safe hands


Free delivery to your school

Disconnection & removal service

Professional installation service

Fully inclusive breakdown warranty


Abbey Gate College
Saighton, Chester

What the school says about us…

“Efficient, helpful…just made the process of having to change our appliances so easy.

As a school we have been using their service for a number of years now and we will continue to do so for many more.”

– Senior Technology Teacher

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Some popular choices from our range of water boilers and coolers


Borg and Overström Classic
Mains fed cold and hot water dispenser
Crystal Glacier
Mains fed cold and hot water dispenser
Slimline Commercial Cooler
Mains fed water fountain and bubbler
Eco Boiler
Mains fed boiling water dispenser

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