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Laser cutters have established themselves as an extremely important piece of equipment in schools. After all, they are a great way to inspire the great young minds of today, who before you know it will be great engineers of the future. But with good quality, reliable laser cutters often costing in the tens of thousands of pounds, it can be difficult for schools to acquire a laser cutter that meets their requirements with the limited budget they have available…let alone find the funds to repair and service the laser cutter once they have managed to acquire one!

That’s why at Utility Rentals, we have selected a refined range of laser cutters which are perfect for use within the education sector – from entry level models for those schools who are simply looking to introduce laser cutting to the curriculum, through to higher spec models with larger bed sizes and more powerful lasers, ideal for colleges and universities. Each of our high quality, reliable laser cutters are available through our exciting and unique laser cutter rental package, designed to help schools spread the cost of their desired laser cutter. But unlike some suppliers, we won’t just provide you with a laser cutter and leave you to it; we offer a number of rental packages which can include installation and commissioning of the machine, as well as a training session to ensure staff are proficient with the machine right from day one. And for ultimate peace of mind, schools can even include annual servicing and an extended warranty if they wish to, preventing any unforeseen repair costs.

Considering acquiring a laser cutter for your school?…we make it easy

Unlike the majority of internet retailers and distributers, we include all the services required to make your laser cutter project as simple and straightforward as possible:

      • Expert guidance on choosing the laser cutter which is right for your school
      • Free delivery to your school classroom
      • Full installation and commissioning of the laser cutter
      • Training to use the laser cutter
      • Annual servicing options
      • Extended warranty options to protect against breakdowns during the rental
      • The friendliest team of experts in the industry, on hand to support you throughout the rental

From the first time you speak to us, you will know you are in safe hands

Spread the cost of any laser cutter

Professional installation of the laser cutter

Classroom training on how to use the laser cutter

5 year breakdown warranty and servicing


Beaverwood School for Girls

What the school says about us…

“Utility Rentals successfully arranged for 20 cookers to be delivered and installed in our recent Food Technology refurbishment project.

The project had to be completed within a very short time span and Utility Rentals carefully planned their installation to dovetail with the building contractor’s programme. I am very grateful for their professionalism and support that helped make the project such a success.”

– Facilities Manager

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Some popular choices from our range of School friendly laser cutters

VLS2.30 Laser Cutter
Desktop Laser Cutter
VLS6.60 Laser Cutter
Platform Laser Cutter
VLS3.50 Laser Cutter
Desktop Laser Cutter
PLS4.75 Laser Cutter
Platform Laser Cutter
VLS3.60 Laser Cutter
Platform Laser Cutter
PLS6.75 Laser Cutter
Platform Laser Cutter
VLS4.60 Laser Cutter
Platform Laser Cutter
PLS6.150D Laser Cutter
Platform Laser Cutter

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