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Speed up the science lab cleaning process with a glassware washer!

When it comes to washing up test tubes and other laboratory glassware in schools, a standard domestic dishwasher is often not up to the job. Especially when remnants of corrosive chemicals and solvents are still present in the glassware, which often cause irreparable damage to the dishwasher internals over time. And do you really want to spend your time hunched over a sink manually washing each item at the end of the school day or between lessons? We didn’t think so!

So what’s the solution? The solution is a professional laboratory glassware washer which is specifically designed for doing this very job. Glassware washers offer high-grade disinfection by replacing harmful solvents and chemicals with water. They even have in built automated cleaning, which helps reduce breakages and most importantly student injuries.

As you’d probably expect, they are more expensive than domestic dishwashers, but with the help of our rental contracts, we can put forward packages that are affordable for schools. And we’ll even install the appliance and include a fully inclusive breakdown warranty if you want us to!

Considering a glassware washer for your school?…we make it easy

Unlike the majority of high street and internet retailers, we include all the services required to make acquiring a glassware washer for your school as simple and straightforward as possible:

      • Delivery to your required location
      • Unpacking of the new appliances
      • Disconnection and removal of any old appliances
      • Installation of the new appliances
      • Testing and commissioning of the new appliances
      • A  parts and labour breakdown warranty for the full rental term
      • The friendliest team of experts in the industry, on hand to support you throughout the rental

From the first time you speak to us, you will know you are in safe hands

Delivery to the room & unpacking

Disconnection & removal service

Professional installation service

Fully inclusive breakdown warranty


The Cheadle Academy
Cheadle, Staffordshire

What the school says about us…

“As a school, it is important that we receive the best quality products and services at the most competitive price.

Utility Rentals have provided this and as an added bonus their staff are always helpful and efficient!”

– Business Manager

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Some popular choices from our range of School Glassware Washers

Miele G7804
240v Laboratory


Smeg GW0160
Basic Line Laboratory Glasswahsher


Miele G7893
400v Laboratory


Smeg GW1160
Laboratory Glassware Washer


Miele G7883
415v Laboratory


Smeg GW4060
Laboratory Glassware Washer


Miele G7883CD
Laboratory Glasswasher with Forced Air Drying


Smeg GW4190
Laboratory Glassware Washer with drying system


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