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Back to school: Is your classroom ready?

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Canopies, iPads, Large Format Interactive Screens, News

September’s here and it’s time to go back to school. So, is your classroom ready to greet your new students?

Well, in case it isn’t, we have a few ideas to try:

Back to school: Classroom set up

So, you’ve been away for a while and now you need to whizz around the classroom and get things set up before your new students walk through the door.

First things first, you should really think about decorating your classroom. Pick a theme that will appeal to your students and create top-notch, fun display boards around it. This could even feed into your reward scheme if you’re clever about it!

Hang decorations from the ceiling, make your desk bright and colourful, then turn your attention to your students’ desks.

This is a great time to sort out your seating arrangements and print off any resources that may come in handy for the first week of term.

Try some out-of-the box thinking for ways to spruce up the space and make it personal to the students.

Equipment you could use:

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to bring in some new classroom equipment, but don’t worry – it’s still not too late! Here are just a few things you could use:

When your class arrives

It’s important that when your class comes back to school, students feel comfortable in their environment. As a teacher, you can help them ease back into school life with minimal fuss. Here are just a few ideas how to do that:

Get them to help you set up the classroom

Ask your students’ opinions on where things should go, what should go up on displays, and how the classroom should be organised. Take as many suggestions as you can on board, and encourage students to help make decorations or complete interactive tasks where possible.

You could ask them to design a reading corner based on books they enjoyed over summer – it’s a great way to get them involved and back into ‘learning mode’.

Play games

Whether it’s on the board, on an iPad app, or simply as a group, games are always a great ice-breaker.

They’ll help quieter, nervous students come out of their shells and help you get to know your students a little better.

Taster lessons

It can be tough getting those ‘summer holiday brains’ back into school mode, so try doing a few taster lessons to get students engaged in subjects.

If you’re introducing any new subjects, this is a great chance to tell your students all about them.

Bish bash bosh, that’s your back to school set up done! Now you’re all prepared to face your new class; good luck!

Get your classroom ready for the September rush with a little help from Utility Rentals.

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