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Back to school! Equipment to help students settle in

by | Sep 4, 2019 | News, Water Coolers & Boilers

Summer is sadly coming to an end and it’s time for kids to get ready to return to school. Going back to school can be a daunting prospect for many students and one they might not always be looking forward to. So, what can your school do to ease students into their first few weeks?

This article looks at some of the basic equipment and resources that can make kids feel a little more “at home” after a long, leisurely summer away from the classroom.

Equipment to help kids settle in after the holidays

A few basic pieces of kit can go a long way to helping students acclimatise to school life. They also help create an environment that’s a bit more welcoming.

Here are our top tips for school equipment to help new and returning students settle in:

1) Vending machines

It’s a safe bet to assume that many students will have been enjoying the comforts of home life and grazing from the kitchen fridge over the holidays! Make sure that your school vending machines are well-stocked with snacks that provide much-needed energy to flagging kids in their first few weeks back. Be sure to include some healthy, nutritious options too, so they aren’t forced into choosing tempting, high-sugar snacks like chocolate!

At Utility Rentals, we offer a range of school-friendly vending machines suitable for fruit, drinks, salads, sandwiches (and more). You’re completely free to choose where you source your machine stock from. Our flexible rental agreements also include free delivery and installation, and a parts and labour breakdown warranty for the full rental term.

2) School lockers

Lockers are so important for school kids and offer a range of benefits, including privacy, improved security, and boosting a sense of independence and responsibility. Having a place to store treasured possessions will really help students transition from home to school. Lockers also provide a space that students can personalise in an otherwise impersonal environment!

We offer a high-quality, robust range of lockers that’s perfect for school use. Our flexible rental packages include installation and ongoing maintenance, so obtaining school lockers couldn’t be any easier.

3) Water coolers

Now, this might seem like an obvious one(!) but kids’ hydration levels can really affect them. And, when the kitchen sink is no longer to hand, it’s vital they can access convenient sources of water. Make sure your school water coolers are squeaky-clean and ready for use. Being adequately hydrated will help your staff and students function well and it might even lead to improved school grades.

At Utility Rentals, we’ll help you spread the cost of any investment you make in school water coolers. Our convenient water cooler rental packages include free delivery and installation, removal of old coolers, a parts and labour warranty for the full rental term, and two sanitisation visits per year.

Make sure your students have what they need to help them transition to school life following the holidays. Contact the expert Utility Rentals team today!

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