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8 awesome ways to get parents more involved with school

by | Jan 30, 2019 | 3D Printers, News

When you get parents more involved with school, you gain valuable allies who can really help with the learning process.

But, it’s not always easy to build that bridge and get the buy-in you’re looking for. So, we’ve prepared this handy list of ways to foster parent participation to give you a helping hand.

Ideas sure to get parents more involved with school

Here are eight of our favourite ways to get parents more involved in school:

1) Make communications easier

Ditch those letters for good and use emails alongside a sprinkling of social media to make it as easy possible for parents to get your messages.

Parents will then receive messages in real time, have electronic copies that won’t be lost or destroyed, and be able to get back to you with the touch of a button.

2) Get parents involved in decisions

Giving parents more of a stake in your decision-making processes will help them recognise their role as a vital part of the education process.

Some things are obviously off-limits. But, by applying their best ideas when arranging a school trip or deciding on new recipes for the school canteen, for example, parents’ input can prove invaluable.

3) Flipped learning for parent/teacher meetings

Parent/teacher meetings can be a voyage of discovery for parents and teachers alike.

But, when parents have an accurate idea of the main topics that will be covered in advance, your discussions can be much more constructive.

Think about sending your thoughts to parents a week before the meeting, or about providing periodic feedback.

4) Provide learning resources for parents

Parents might avoid engaging with their kids’ schoolwork if they’re not comfortable with the subject matter being covered themselves.

So, it might be worth creating or finding some learning resources designed specifically for parents who want to support their kids, but aren’t sure how to get started.

5) Send out a regular newsletter

Newsletters are tried and trusted, but chances are there’s much more you can do with yours to ensure parents actually read it.

By using a simple, free email platform like Mailchimp, you can administer the process easily, send out emails containing videos and other resources, or adapt newsletters for specific classes/year groups.

6) Showcase things students have created

Sometimes, parents just don’t realise how impressive the things you do in class are. So, you need to showcase your pupils’ work to help get them excited and invested.

Think about the technology used in schools today that barely even existed a decade or so ago, such as 3D printers, laser cutters and iPads. Show them how these have transformed the learning process!

7) Set projects involving skills kids can use at home

Furnishing students with life skills they can test out at home will provide options for parents to arrange activities that help support the learning process.

For example, you could teach them a recipe that they could cook for the family, or some sewing techniques that their parents could help them put into practice.

8) Take steps to overcome cultural differences

Occasionally, the relationship between parents and teachers doesn’t develop due to differences in culture or language.

Do what you can to help build cultural understanding, remove language barriers and create a welcome environment that celebrates our differences in addition to the things we share.

Get parents more involved with school by testing out these great ideas!

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