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5 sci-fi ways to use laser cutters in education

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Laser Cutters, News

Laser cutters in education are something of a new arrival, but there are many fascinating ways you can use them!

From woodworking to appliqué, the precision and programmable nature of laser cutters make them an awesome addition to all sorts of lessons.

Today, we’ll explore a handful of the amazing creations you can conjure up by investing in a laser cutter.

Cutting-edge ideas for using laser cutters in education

Here are just some of the ways you can make the most of laser cutters in education:

1) Woodworking

These nimble gizmos can carry out almost any woodworking process you could ask for, including:

  • Cutting
  • Marking
  • Imaging
  • Engraving

Not only will these devices save you stacks of space in the classroom, they’ll also save you money on purchasing and maintaining other equipment. And, better still, they will reduce the learning curve for students.

Because you can pre-programme laser cutters, you can set your sights far beyond old-fashioned dovetail joints and the like. Instead, you could task students with creating their own innovative design, for example, or working together on a group project in which all components must fit together seamlessly.

2) Architectural models

Architecture and the materials/processes associated with it can help kids get onto a great career path later. But these skills have traditionally been tough to teach in schools.

Using laser cutters in education makes this process a whole lot easier. Many architectural materials can be shaped using a laser cutter.

So, you could task your students with creating mini-models of classic architectural features, or even Borrowers-sized versions of famous landmarks (e.g. a small ‘Big Ben’).

3) Packaging design and development

Packaging is a super-successful industry, and we’re going to need some real bright sparks to come up with clever designs that will wean us off plastic.

And, what better way to help kids master the design of 3D shapes than with a laser cutter? They can bring their ideas to life by using software to design a 2D shape, then a laser cutter to cut, score and engrave the material.

Students can fold their creation up to see it in action, check the dimensions, make tweaks in their computer design, then start the process all over again until everything’s just right.

4) Bespoke materials

Who doesn’t love a little personalisation? With laser cutters, creating bespoke materials couldn’t be easier.

Task students with creating a computer design that includes something different, like their name, a unique design or the school logo. Your laser cutter will reproduce this design perfectly!

You could even use the laser cutter to make some bespoke signs for the classroom or wider department, providing handy instructions or simply sharing a positive message.

5) Fabric cutting and appliqué

These robo-buddies are so precise and delicate, you can even use them for cutting fabric to make items, or try a touch of appliqué.

Ask your students to develop a design for a simple piece of clothing, such as a T-shirt or dress. Then, simply have the laser cutter do its thing, add any additional layers of fabric, and sew it all up.

Take your lessons into the future today by using laser cutters in education!

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