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5 flippin’ great Pancake Day ideas for schools

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Cookers, News

We’ve prepared this awesome list of Pancake Day ideas for schools to help you add a dash of learning to the excitement surrounding this festival.

From religious education, to geography, to art, there are stacks of ways you can use Shrove Tuesday as inspiration for your lessons.

Get stuck into these Pancake Day ideas for schools

Here are five of our favourite Pancake Day ideas for schools:

1) Religious Education

Pancake Day is – of course – also known as ‘Shrove Tuesday’. It’s part of one the most important events in the Christian calendar: Easter.

Use this as an opportunity to teach your little folks about the story of Easter, and why this festival means so much to Christians.

Try to keep the tone light, pick out positive moral messages and make the discussion as open and inclusive as you can.

2) Food Technology

Pancakes are so wonderfully simple and fun to cook, they’re perfect for teaching kids some kitchen basics.

All they’ll need is some milk, flour, eggs and oil (for the pan), plus any extras they might want to sprinkle on top – think healthy, like banana or strawberry slices.

Task them with deciphering the recipe and cooking the pancakes from scratch, while helping out with operating the ovens and any other tricky bits.

Give them licence to unleash their creativity and make a bit of a mess. With school dishwashers and many motivated hands, the clean-up shouldn’t be too taxing.

3) Maths

As any good teacher will tell you, maths is all around us!

Using Pancake Day as your theme, you could help kids learn about shapes by tasking them with working out the radius, diameter, circumference and area of a real or imaginary pancake.

Alternatively, you could use the recipe to teach them about fractions or units of measurement.

4) Geography

Believe it or not, pancakes can even teach your kids something about geography.

You could use this as an opportunity to explore the Middle Eastern landscape in which the Easter story is based. Or, to find out more about how the human geography of the region has evolved over time.

Easter is a bigger deal in some countries outside of the UK, even topping Christmas in certain instances! Task your pupils with finding out which other countries count Easter as a national holiday, and what they do to celebrate the festival.

5) Art

Lastly, you could get creative and ask your class to design their perfect pancake.

Encourage them to think about:

  • The foodstuffs they could use to create shapes or pigments
  • How these could be affected by the cooking process
  • How they could be transformed into beautiful patterns

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even combine a little design with the cooking process and show them how to make some truly arty pancakes!

With these Pancake Day ideas for schools in your back pocket, you can help make sure pupils understand the associated traditions and gain a ton of other valuable knowledge.

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