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4 seriously sweet benefits of vending machines in schools

by | Mar 6, 2019 | News, Vending Machines

There’s been a whole lot of fuss about vending machines in schools in recent years – and, rightly so!

Time was we relied on these whirring devices to satisfy our sugar and fat cravings by giving us immediate access to our favourite unhealthy snacks.

But, vending machines have undergone something of a recent renaissance, flushing out the bad while leaving behind the benefits.

Why vending machines in schools are an absolute must

Here are four indisputable benefits of vending machines in schools:

1) Healthy students

With the obesity crisis in full swing, parents and teachers alike should be doing what they can to help students eat better.

The link between vending machines and sugary snacks is being broken, and we can recommend a host of healthy replacements.

Fill your school vending machines with a selection of nuts, berries, fruits and other nutritious options. Most of these foods will keep for several months, especially in an environment that’s chilled to perfection.

2) No more ‘forgotten’ items

Vending machines in schools can also be used for much more than just food and drinks.

End those “forgot my pen/PE kit” moments once and for all by stocking vending machines with basic stationery, art and PE supplies.

Position these machines in visible locations close to the relevant department. Students can then simply make their selection and join in the lesson as planned.

3) Absolute convenience

Vending machines make it much more convenient (and cost-effective) for your students to access the things they need.

You could place one in a central location. Or, you could spread them across your site in places with high footfall. This will help prevent your students from grouping together in the same place.

Students can also access vending machines at any hour, even when the canteen staff have gone home. That makes them seriously handy for early mornings or after-school classes.

4) A little extra pocket money

Of course, the real reason vending machines in schools became a fixture in the first place was their money-making potential.

With school budgets stretched right now, you certainly shouldn’t cut off this stream of cash. Every year, vending machines could make your school as much as £15,000 to add to your pot.

And, with chocolate thrown out in favour of healthy snacks or useful items, they can prove a 100% guilt-free option.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s clear that school vending machines still have an important role to play.

Providing you keep them free of sweet treats, you and your students can look forward to a happier, healthier school.

Discover all the delights of vending machines in schools with a little help from Utility Rentals!

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