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4 seriously handy iPad accessories for schools

by | Sep 13, 2018 | iPads, News

If you want to make the most of your iPads, then you need to get your mitts on these awesome iPad accessories for schools!

From charging, to protection, to usability, these super-handy gizmos will make the learning process more colourful, and administration a cinch.

So, join us as we explore the ultimate list of iPad accessories for schools.

Get your hands on these iPad accessories for schools!

Let’s take a closer look:

1) iPad trolleys

iPad trolleys are a wheelie good idea for keeping your iPads safe and ensuring they’re always ready to roll. With iPad trolleys, you can:

  • Protect iPads from thieving hands and the odd bump or knock when not in use
  • Keep them fully charged, so they’re ready to use whenever you need them
  • See immediately if an iPad’s been lost, then find it quickly by tracking back
  • Synch all your students’ work to The Cloud in a controlled way
  • Move a whole suite of devices to different classes all at once

With all this in place, you’ll get much-needed peace of mind, and a slimline maintenance/replacement bill.

2) Apple Pencils

Apple has just released the Apple Pencil, which is supported by the new iPad (designed especially for education).

The Apple Pencil is incredibly easy to use, giving users scope to write or doodle as they please.

You can use this tool in all sorts of ways. In terms of basic processes, it’s given the iPad a host of new artistic functionality (e.g. additional brush types/pressure-sensitive drawing), and can even turn handwriting into digital text.

Collaborate with your class using the iWork Suite, play with educational apps – even dissect digital frogs – using this handy little piece of kit.

3) Suitable cases

Your iPad cases are your first line of defence against accidental drops or damage. Spend a little cash on them now, and you’ll save a lot in the long-term.

When selecting your cases, choose ones that are as child-proof as possible (potentially even waterproof). Look for robust plastics or rubber to soften any blows, and perhaps think about screen protectors to prevent scratches.

Also, consider any accessories you’ll use and how to store them. For instance, if you decide to get Apple Pencils for your iPads, look for cases that have a special slot for storing these.

4) Keyboards

iPads are pretty darn intuitive, especially for kids. But, if you’re planning to use them for lots of typing, keyboards will undoubtedly make things easier.

Pair an iPad with a keyboard, and you’ve basically got yourself a laptop. Keyboards speed up the typing process and improve accuracy (when typing or navigating around documents). It’s also worth mentioning that you can now get Braille keyboards to support students with visual impairment.

You can also find cases with built-in keyboards. However, you should think about whether you actually need a keyboard for every iPad, and what the cost of replacing these might be vs replacing keyboards alone.

If you go for a separate iPad keyboard, look for robust models with a good Bluetooth connection.

And, that’s our round-up of the top iPad accessories for schools!

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